“We made a mistake.” Vancouver-based Earls has decided to go back on their decision to source their beef from a U.S. supplier after severe backlash to their announcement last week.
While some people supported Earls in their decision to go “certified humane,” most were opposed saying it’s more important to support local farmers, ranchers and producers. BC Ag Council Duncan Barnett says these same high standards can be found in BC as well.
Speaking of supporting local, BC governments that support agriculture and farming in their communities are now being recognized through the inaugural Leadership and Innovation in Agriculture Award.
It’s a brand new award from the BC government, the Union of BC Municipalities and the BC Ag Council.
Director on the BC Ag Council Duncan Barnett shares some examples of the type of innovation and ideas he is hoping to see in the applications.
Barnett stresses the importance of local governments and community members’ support for their local farmers.
Local government can apply before June 17th – and the award will be presented at the UBCM convention in Victoria in September. More information on criteria can be found on the UBCM website.