The community conversation with regards to the old maple tree at the Island Savings Centre has taken place.


Around 120 people turned out for the conversation with some saying when people here look at a tree they see 2 by 4’s and removing the old tree is a result of the forestry mentality.


CVRD Director, Lori Iannidinardo says, although she is doing her best to remain neutral during the conversation, saying the removal of the tree goes hand in hand with the forestry industry attitude is not fair…..



Iannidinardo says she’s not surprised about the reaction to removing the old maple tree…..


Iannidinardo says there are many instances within the CVRD when development was particularly sensitive to the urban forest and tried to accommodate it.


The comments from the people gathered at the tables during the community conversation were noted and will be taken back to the Commission for consideration before a decision on what to do with the old maple tree is made.