The Municipality of North Cowichan is happy with the roll-out of a new recycling program.

John McKay, Director of Engineering says basically, just film plastic, like grocery bags and cling wrap will no longer be accepted, but a whole raft of new items will be accepted and the program is going to save ratepayers money….


The Municipality could face monetary penalties if items that are not allowed in the bins are found but McKay says homeowners in North Cowichan have been recycling for 15 years already and are pretty good at it.

But not everyone is happy with the new program, being rolled out may 19th.

Hugh Nicholson, the Division Manager for 9 Glacier papers including the Cowichan Citizen, says the new program will cost Glacier papers 4 hundred thousand dollars and staff will be laid off….


The new program is aimed at businesses that produce recyclable materials with those companies being  expected to pay for the collection and management of the items they distribute once the consumer is done with them.