A 15 million dollar BC Transit operations and maintenance facility is slated to be built in the Cowichan Valley.
It will be built at the corner Polkey Road and Boal Road in the Koksilah Industrial Park and will almost double the existing facility.
The one point 82 hectare lot is almost double that of the existing facility land and will help provide capacity for the future expansion of transit services and for liquified natural gas technology.

Since 2000, Cowichan Valley Transit System ridership has risen over 140 per cent from 195,000 to 470,000 trips taken annually.

The fleet size has also increased over 180 per cent from 11 buses in 2000 to 31 and the fleet size is projected to grow to 50 buses by 2033.

The Federal Government is providing up to 6 point 5 million dollars to the project, the province will kick in 5 point 83 million dollars and the Cowichan Valley Regional District will contribute the balance.