The Balme Ayr proposal, to process gravel at their site beside the TransCanada Highway south of Duncan, didn’t get off the ground when it hit the table of CVRD directors at a recent committee meeting.
Shelly Balme says their application for a temporary permit to process gravel was denied.
She says that doesn’t mean the gravel extraction project is dead, but rather the material that comes from their site will have to be trucked away for processing, increasing the truck traffic through a swath of communities…..
From there the processed material will be trucked to Victoria while the other material makes it’s way back to the Balme property.
She says that’s a shame because sorting the material on site would not have created the dust and noise that directors and neighbors figure it would….
Balme says crushing is what’s noisy and it’s likely that would have only happened one or 2 days a year, or not at all, as core samples show the material to be extracted is mostly sand.
Balme figures the whole project, which aims to turn the land into more productive farmland would be done within about 15 years.