A Washington Senator says the ban on ocean-based Atlantic salmon farms will be more effective if B.C. follows suit.

Washington State senators voted to ban Atlantic salmon farming in state waters and that means once the leases run out in 2025 there will no longer be commercial net aquaculture for Atlantic salmon in state waters.

Stan Proboszcz, Science Advisor for the Watershed Watch Salmon Society says B.C. is now alone on the west coast when it comes to open net salmon farming and it should follow suit……

Natural Resources Minister Doug Donaldson says the province is working with First Nations, the aquaculture industry and the federal government in a review of fish-farm tenures, many of which come up for renewal this June.

The B.C. Salmon Farmers Association says the industry employs more than 6,000 people and exports were valued at 524 million dollars in 2016.