The Horgan and Trudeau governments are joining Catalyst Paper and Kruger in appealing a U.S. Department of Commerce decision.

The Trump administration has levied pulp and paper tariffs on Canadian newsprint which is sold to the United States, meaning that Catalyst Paper, including the mill in Crofton, would be made largely uncompetitive on the international scale.

With all duties included, Canadian newsprint would cost 28 per cent more and Minister of Jobs, Trade, and Technology, Bruce Ralston says while the tariffs are being appealed, Catalyst and Kruger still have to pay them.

The anti-dumping duties facing Catalyst are in excess of 22 per cent and the paper giant will have to pay those, starting in two weeks.

Ralston adds that this decision is completely unfair and the provincial and federal governments, along with local union leaders are defending the livelihoods of many mill works, including those in Crofton.

The first step in appealing this decision is appearing before the International Trade Tribunal in the U.S. and the final decision on this appeal isn’t expected until August.