The Trudeau government has invested one point five billion dollars in the Oceans Protection Plan and is now directing more funding at protecting some of B.C.’s most iconic mammals.

The Canadian government is investing more than nine million dollars in a program that develops and tests technologies that alert vessels to nearby whales.

Executive Director of the Georgia Strait Alliance, Christianne Wilhelmsen says it’s great that the feds are conducting research, but time is running out to save these magnificent creatures, and now is the time for action, not research.

Wilhelmsen says work to improve the lives of these magnificent mammals needs to start now.

Whale-watching season is approaching in the Cowichan Valley and at the outset of the new season, regulations will be implemented, whereby any vessels will need to stay two hundred metres from whales.

Wilhelmsen adds that measures are needed to protect the salmon stocks in areas where killer whales are known to inhabit, by making commercial fishing in these waters illegal.