It is the season for fraudsters to ramp up their efforts by pretending to be from the Canada Revenue Agency.
The most common attempt to get money out of you is via the telephone call, and there are many reports that the perpetrators are rude and threatening.
The CRA’s Daljeet Grewal says the Agency will call some taxpayers from time to time and they understand people can be suspicious about that…..
Grewal says other scams involve texting and she says the CRA will never text you.
As for email, Grewal says the CRA will send you an email when there is new information on your file but they will never ask for financial information.
She says it’s a good idea to sign up for Account Alerts, the CRA’s fraud prevention service and then the Agency will let you know by email if any of your information has been tampered with.
The CRA can be reached at  1-800-959-8281.