As motorists all over BC rip out their hair over skyrocketing gas prices, a local business is working on providing biofuels for diesel vehicles.

Cowichan Energy Alternatives is taking used cooking oil from valley restaurants, transporting the oil to the Bings Creek biofuel facility and making four blends of biodiesel.

The business conducted a feasibility study to determine whether or not building a new biofuel blending pump would be a worthwhile endeavour and Executive Director with Cowichan Energy Alternatives Brian Robert says any diesel vehicle can use these biofuels.

Robert takes us through what happens to that used cooking oil once it gets back to the Bings Creek facility.

The biofuel blends with petroleum-based diesel perfectly, however, the conventional fuel is still required.

Robert says vehicles that aren’t covered by warranty can use these biofuels and he expects a pump to be operational in July or August.

Cooking oil can be removed from businesses, but only if they use straight cooking oil (with no chemical contaminants or animal fats).

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