As many as 100 volunteers per day are helping with the search for Ben Kilmer.
He’s he 41 year old Cobble Hill man who went missing from the area at Cowichan Lake Road and Menzies Road 9 days ago.
His van was found running at the side of the road with his personal affects inside.
Lindsay Pearson, a family friend who has known Kilmer for more than 20 years, is helping with the search……
Pearson says anyone who wants to volunteer can come to the tent at the Sahtlam Fire Hall and they’ll assign them a job.
She says for those who want to search in the bush, it’s a good idea to wear long pants, long sleeves, bring a whistle and a flashlight.
The “Find Ben Kilmer” Facebook group is also asking landowners near the area where Kilmer’s van was found for permission to enter their land and conduct a search. …