There were 128 units that had to be evacuated as a result of an apartment fire in the 600 block of Dobson Road Sunday.
The CVRD’s Emergency Program Coordinator, Sybille Sanderson says not all of the evacuees have registered at the Island Savings Centre, so she’s not sure exactly how many people are out of their home.
She says there is a reception centre in the Heritage Room at the Island Savings Centre, some group lodging is being done there and officials are trying to meet the essential needs of the evacuees.
Sanderson says there are 4 sections to the building that burnt and three of them are in the process of being recommissioned……
32 units will be out of commission for the foreseeable future.
Sanderson says, for those who want to help, the Red Cross and Salvation Army are helping with the evacuees immediate needs but the biggest need is finding suites for the displaced to live.
She says if anyone is aware of an empty rental unit they are asked to come forward.