It’s looking like the tenants, who will be able to go back home following an apartment fire in Duncan on Sunday, will be out until Saturday.
The CVRD’s Emergency Program Coordinator, Sybille Sanderson says there are still some security issues in the building that need to be addressed before they can go back.
Sanderson says for those who can’t go back, alternate arrangements are in the works…..
Sanderson is urging people who had to evacuate to register at the Island Savings Centre because that’s where daily updates are available.
Sanderson says many of the evacuees are staying with family, friends or in local hotels, but there are about 30 sleeping on cots and airbeds at the group lodging facility.
Some have their pets with them.
As far as meals go, Sanderson says there are three served per day, some are ordered out and some are prepared and it’s during those meals when the daily updates are given.
She says one day they ordered pizza from Panago for the evacuees, and the company donated them.