With the electoral reform referendum set for late 2018, both the ‘yes’ and ‘no’ sides of the debate are weighing in on proportional representation.

British Columbians will decide the future of the provincial electoral system later this year and Organizing for Change includes more than a dozen environmental groups.

Executive Director of the Georgia Strait Alliance Christianne Wilhelmson says the group will educate the public about proportional representation in the months leading up to the mail-in ballot period.

However, Parksville-Qualicum Liberal MLA Michelle Stilwell says the proportional representation system is unclear and hard to understand.

Wilhelmson says proportional representation ensures the values of British Columbians will be met.

Stilwell says the first-passed-the-post voting system is easy to understand and ensures the government can act in the best interest of British Columbians.

Organizing for Change is conducting a telephone survey that gives British Columbians options when it comes to proportional representation; asking questions like do you want to keep the first-passed-the-post system? and do you want proportional representation?