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It’s Important to Protect Yourself from Heat-related Illness

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The hot summer heat is here and staff at Island Health facilities see the number of health-related illnesses increase when it gets this hot.

With the temperatures expected to hover around the 30-degree mark in some places, Medical Health Officer, Dr Shannon Waters says people should try and avoid going outside in this heat.

If you must spend time outside, Waters has some tips for you.

Heat stroke is a very real possibility in heat like this and Waters says it’s important to know the signs.

Below are seven common symptoms associated with heat stroke.

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1. High body temperature
2. A lack of sweat – or an abundance of it
3. Confusion or trouble walking
4. A pounding headache
5. Dizziness, nausea, or vomiting
6. Skin redness
7. Elevated heart rate or trouble breathing

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