BC Teachers Federation President Jim Iker says the deal with the province isn’t perfect, but it means important gains for teachers, students and the system.
And it looks like his membership agrees.  They voted 86 per cent in favour of ratification last night (yes 86% , no 14%. 31741 ballots returned, or about 75% of eligible members).
That means schools will open next week, but Iker says the issues the union fought for during the strike and lockout won’t go away.  He expects the BCTF will be an active voice in School Board elections this fall.
What all this means for parents and students in our area varies from district to district.
Students in School District 79 will be back in classrooms on Monday. They will open at their usual times and dismiss two hours early.
In the Nanaimo – Ladysmith district students will be going back on Tuesday.
Visit the school district websites for the latest updates: