It may seem obvious, but Cowichan Valley Regional District staff are reminding the public that used diapers, t-shirts and old shoes aren’t recyclable.

Due to non-compliance, the CVRD’s blue box curbside recycling program is seeing unacceptable contamination levels and if it doesn’t change, the regional district may be subject to major penalties.

Jason Adair, the CVRD’s Solid Waste Operations Superintendent says half a dozen material sorters pull out some ridiculous items, significantly slowing productivity.

The contamination rate in the regional district is a major cause for concern and Adair says whether its confusion or laziness, people need to be much more compliant.

If the contamination rate doesn’t decrease significantly, the CVRD will face major penalties.

These penalties take the form of up to $25,000 dollars in fines and having to transport mixed recycling material separately from other municipalities, significantly increasing the cost of the program.

Staff will be out and about educating people about recycling until the numbers hit the three per cent target.

You can properly dispose of plastic bags and styrofoam by dropping them off, free of charge, at Fisher Road Recycling.

For more information about what can and can’t be recycled, click here.

What goes where?

5. Garden Hoses: Throw away or donate them
4. Styrofoam: Fisher Road Recycling
3. Electronics: Local drop-off depot
2. Glass: Local drop-off depot
1. Film plastic (plastic bags): Local drop-off depot