The Shawnigan Residents Association has penned a letter to Rowing Canada that says it will not support the exclusive use of Shawnigan Lake at any time of the year for a single interest group.

Rowing Canada Aviron is looking for a new home and a couple of organizations in the Cowichan Valley are hoping to fill that void.

According to the Shawnigan Residents Association, a trio of organizations, the Victoria Rowing Society, Canadian Sport Institute and Shawnigan Lake School are working to convince Rowing Canada that Shawnigan Lake would be a good choice.

However, Netta Douglas, of the Association said the community hasn’t been consulted and they are concerned Rowing Canada is asking for restricted access to the Lake.

Douglas said Shawnigan Lake has always welcomed rowing on its waters but this project may directly impact local residents, local businesses and everyone’s enjoyment of the Lake.

She said the process, so far, hasn’t been very transparent and there’s been a real lack of community participation.

The Association has written to Rowing Canada about their concerns.

We asked Rowing Canada for a response, but at this time, they have not responded.

The Municipality of North Cowichan has confirmed they’ll be submitting a bid to Rowing Canada.

Officials said the ideal spot for rowing would be Quamichan Lake.