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New park for CVRD residents

TimberWest and the Siddoo family have dotted the ‘i’s and crossed the ‘t’s and have handed over an 8 point 4-hectare parcel of land to the CVRD for a new park.

TimberWest’s Domenico Iannidinardo said the company has been working with the Siddoo family, who also log in the area for two decades to make the park a reality.

He said there were a variety of technical matters over the last 20 years that the parties had been working through to formally separate the parcel from larger parcels, getting a survey done, and other details to button up before the property could be handed over to the CVRD.

The new Siddoo Park is located six kilometers from the Koksilah River Provincial Park, just west of Shawnigan Lake and consists of old trees and second-growth forest, the fish-bearing Koksilah River and 3 Mile Creek as well as local hiking trails.

The park was handed over to the Cowichan Valley Regional District with a Conservation Covenant to guide future park use jointly held by the Cowichan Land Trust and the Nanaimo Area Land Trust.

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