The Big Shop of Horrors is scaring more people, as about five hundred more people visited the haunted house during the Halloween season.

While goosebumps formed, hearts raced and people screamed, more than $7,000 dollars was raised for local food banks and for every dollar, three meals will be generated at local food banks.

Daphne Swift who is one of the organizers of this event explains how this idea came to be.

“We ran a murder mystery and the murder mystery took place inside a haunted house, so when we downloaded the instructions off the internet, it said you do not have to build the haunted house in order to host this murder mystery and me and my husband looked at each other and said ‘sure we do,'” said Swift.

The nearly 1,700 people visited the Big Shop of Horrors and Swift said, “One dollar through The Full Cupboard at the food banks will feed a family for a day, so one dollar will generate three meals which is wonderful,” said Swift.

This is the second year the Big Shop of Horrors has been open to the public and organizers are already planning for next year.

Swift said people have been dropping off non-perishables at 7305 Bell McKinnon Road and she said she’s happy to take those donations to the local food banks.