The BC Conservation Officer Service is warning the public about a deer that was stuck in a fence in the Koksilah Road area, south of Duncan.

Officers used mobilizing drugs on the animal and then cut it loose from the fence, however, when the homeowner checked on the deer, he thought the animal died.

If someone took the carcass home to eat it, Sergeant Scott Norris said this meat will make you sick.

“The meat is not fit for human consumption because of the immobilizing drugs we used on that deer,” said Norris. “If anyone has any information about someone who may have picked up a deer off Koksilah Road, it has a yellow ear tag in it, it was a buck, and it had two points on the antlers.”

While the homeowner thought the animal was dead, it may have still been alive and left on its own.

However, if it was dead and someone grabbed the carcass for meat, Norris said it’s important you don’t eat it, the drugs are still in its system.

Anyone with information is asked to call the RAPP line at 1-877-952-7277.