The RCMP recently handed out more than 20 awards for outstanding service and action to officers and employees at the North Cowichan/Duncan RCMP detachment.

Deputy Commissioner Brenda Butterworth-Carr and Commanding Officer of the BC RCMP and Chief Superintendent Sean Sullivan made the award presentations.

Five officers were awarded Bravery Commendations for rescuing people who were trapped in a vehicle as it hung over the Cowichan River; two officers were acknowledged with Bravery Commendations for entering a burning building, looking for a suicidal youth.

Five officers were presented with awards for rescuing a man from drowning near Cowichan Bay; three were awarded for their patience and determination in disarming a suicidal youth and; two officers received awards for finding a missing woman who needed medical attention.

List of Award Recipients:

Bravery Commendations (for rescuing people in a vehicle hanging over the Cowichan River):

Corporal Merrick
Constable Lansdowne
Constable Kowalewich
Constable Peters
Constable Banfield

Bravery Commendations (for entering and searching a burning building for a suicidal youth):

Constable Platt
Constable MacNeill

Award for Rescuing a man from Drowning near Cowichan Bay:

Corporal K. Pharis
Constable Hill
Constable Granneman
Constable Speidel
Constable Houlgate

Award for Patience and Determination in Disarming a Suicidal Youth:

Constable Grey
Constable Baines
Constable Houlgate

Award for Determination in Finding a Woman who was in Urgent need of Medical Care:

Constable Kongus
Constable Banfield

Award for Verbally Disarming a man with a Knife who Severely Injured Himself:

Constable Charette-Thibault

Award for Assisting in the Rescue of the Occupants of a Crashed Plane:

Constable S. Pharis

Award for Forcing through a Barricaded Residence to Rescue a Suicidal Man:

Constable Bozak

Award for Assisting the City of Oak Bay on Christmas Day 2017 when Two Young Girls were Murdered:

Victim Services employee David Sheftel