Providence Farm has snagged some funding from the province’s Community Gaming Grants Program.

125,000 dollars will help renovate the iconic main building at Providence Farm, that’s the first building you see when you come up the driveway and it’s where all the administration offices are and where a majority of programming is done as well.

Leah Boisvert said they’ve been working on renovating the old building for a couple of years now.

“The neat part of it is a couple year renovation project that we are completing. We were lucky enough to receive funds through the CVRD Grant in Aid process that helped contribute to the project as well. We are going to wrap the project up in 2021 which will be the buildings 100th anniversary.”

Boisvert said some of the funding will be used to replace the 135 old windows in the building and they want to keep the heritage look to it so that’s an expensive project.

She said getting the grant money means none of the programming will suffer as a result of the renovation.