Getting beyond an 85 per cent graduation rate and better serving vulnerable children.

That’s the goal going forward when it comes to funding the education system.

A report on the K to 12 funding model says there are inequities in the system.

A series of working groups will be struck to deliver a better model that addresses the individual learning needs of each student

Rob Fleming, Minister of Education said, what the government is interested in, is seeing whether the issues surrounding vulnerable kids can be addressed.

“We have all this data in government that we don’t particularly use around low income incidence and poverty in certain Districts. We have kids in the care of the Ministry in the K to 12 school system, they don’t get any additional supports and in fact, many of them don’t make the podium to graduate.”

Fleming said he believes there are enhancements around First Nations students that could be considered and there should be a focus on kids that are not transitioning well to post secondary education.

Fleming is hoping by the fall of 2019 he will be armed with enough information to formulate a new funding model going forward.