Chief Electoral Officer, Anton Boegman made the announcement

“In question one, people were asked which system should British Columbia use for provincial elections, the current first past the post voting system or a proportional representation system. Of the validly cast votes 61.3 per cent supported first past the post and 38.7 per cent supported proportional representation.”

More than one million, 403 thousand ballots were cast, representing 42 point 6 per cent of registered voters.

He says the counting process worked well.

“Many of the systems that were in place for the referendum were similar to what we had done in previous vote-by-mail events but there were many other things that were very different. As an example, we used high speed tabulators to count the results, first time that’s been done in British Columbia. If I think back, we are less than two weeks following the close of voting and we are able to report results.”

He compares that to the four weeks it took to count the ballots in the HST referendum.