Staff at the BC Forest Discovery Centre are assessing the damage after the windstorm levelled more than 20 trees.

Trees crushed one of the buildings that house three logging trucks and some big trees blocked the train tracks.

General Manager Chris Gale says it was heartbreaking to see the damage.

“The trouble is all the volunteers, all of us walked around the property and it almost brings a tear to your eye when you see all the work we’ve done and the changes that happened overnight,” said Gale.

Staff members have been assessing the damage and Gale said it could have been worse and he appreciates all the help cleaning up after the windstorm.

“One main building that houses three big trucks in the lower grounds is completely flattened,” said Gale. “Probably 25 to 30 big trees fell, a number fell on the tracks, so we had 12 people out with power saws, cleaning those up so we could open the next day. Even though we had no power, we wanted to make sure the tracks were clear.”

Pictures Courtesy: BC Forest Discovery Centre

A couple exhibits are destroyed, but the Forests Forever exhibit, set to open in the spring, didn’t suffer any damage.

Anyone who had advanced tickets for December 20, 21, or 22 can call 250-715-1113 for a refund if they paid for, but didn’t pick up their tickets.

Those who have their tickets can drop in at the BC Forest Discovery Centre for a full refund, or put their money toward a membership.