Another Pacific storm system is expected to roll through and hammer the Cowichan Valley with upwards of 50 millimetres of rain.

This rain will likely lead to high streamflow advisories, but no flood watches are in effect just yet.

Emergency Program Coordinator with the Cowichan Valley Regional District, Sybille Sanderson said there are a few areas in particular that are susceptible to flooding, including Cowichan Bay Road.

“Off the highway there it tends to flood, depending on whether the deluge is local,” said Sanderson. “I know that Canada Avenue can sometimes flood because it’s such a low-lying area. Property owners that are aware that they flood regularly, they should be planning for that.”

Sanderson said there are a number of places you can get sandbags.

“There are sandbags that are available at various public works yards, as well as our recycling centres,” said Sanderson. “If they (property owners) know they’re likely to flood, they should be preparing ahead of time.”

The Peerless Road and Meade Creek Recycling Centres will be open on January 7 and 8, so people can get rid of their debris.

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