Island Health is aiming to help patients better understand their medications.

To that end, a video series, available on the Island Health website, instructs patients on how to use six of the most commonly prescribed heart medications.

Dr. Sean Spina, Island Health Coordinator of Clinical Pharmacy Services said the new approach will help educate patients.

“Patients in the hospital are quite often overwhelmed. There’s other things going on, whether it’s a surgery or a critical injury and they are very often overwhelmed with a new diagnosis and that sort of stuff and then if you come just as they get ready for discharge and try to teach them about a variety of medications it’s very difficult for them to try to comprehend everything you are saying.”

Spina said families or friends can also better understand what it is a loved one is taking and how they should be taking it to support them and if patients know how to take their medication properly it could help avoid trips to emergency.

“We know as patients learn more about their medications and become more autonomous in their care and more self-regulated in what they do then they’ll be able to actually be more informed and, we are hoping that may affect emergency room visits.”

You can see the videos at