Social media is again to blame for spreading rumours that are untrue, this time those rumours involved a local MLA crossing the floor.

Some tweets had said that Cowichan Valley Green Party MLA Sonia Furstenau was crossing the floor at the legislature and joining a different party, however, according to Furstenau, those claims are false.

“This is one of the challenges with social media; One person says something and then another person repeats it and a third person repeats it and all of a sudden there is this story that is completely untrue,” said Furstenau. “I have absolutely no intention of ever crossing the floor.”

Furstenau feels the values of the Green Party align closely with her values.

“I ran with the BC Greens because this is the party that represents my values and I’m happy with my role of deputy leader in this party,” said Furstenau.

Furstenau won the election in the Cowichan Valley in 2017, taking over from Bill Routley, who retired.