Economic Development Cowichan has plenty of balls in the air.

Amy Melmock told Ladysmith Council they are focusing on attracting a younger demographic because the population is expected to grow in the Cowichan Valley by one per cent over the next 25 years.

“Nearly 70 per cent of this projected growth is expected to occur amongst residents 75 years of age or older. That’s one of the statistics that I look at and think, we have to start targeting some younger demographics to change the future of that projection.”

Melmock said that means municipalities should focus on smoothing the way for investment dollars, however, she says, housing is a red flag in our region.

Melmock said, in 2019, Economic Development Cowichan will continue to act on the recently completed Industrial Land Use strategy, work to elevate the tech strategy including seeing connectivity improve and, renew the focus on agriculture and the growing beverage and food processing opportunities.

Film investment, air transportation, and accommodations are also on the agenda for the Economic Development office.