The Clements Centre Society has an annual budget of 8 million dollars, a payroll of 4 and a half million dollars, employs 150 people in our community and operates out of 8 locations.

It runs the Clements Centre for Community Living which includes group homes for adults with developmental disabilities and the Mindful Mouthful bakery, as well as the Sundrops Centre for Child Development.

Dianne Hinton, CEO for the Clements Centre said the organization has recently purchased a building on Banks Road and is aiming to move the Child Development Centre there so all the services, along with some complimentary ones, are in one place.

She said for some families their journey through the forest of services is fairly straightforward.

“But others, we don’t do that, go downtown at this address, it’s hard for those families who have come here because they have some sort of need for help and support and then we send them bouncing through this forest. Our dream is to have all the services for families available in one place.”

Hinton said Clements will soon be kicking off the Champions for Kids campaign to build that new Centre.

They’ll be looking to raise 7 million dollars.