The Oceans Living Society has been hosting a number of workshops on the Gulf Islands for those who have homes on, or near, the ocean shore and want to plan for a sea level rise.
According to NASA the ocean is rising faster than expected and if it continues at this rate, it will rise by 26 inches by 2100 and that would be enough to cause significant problems for coastal cities.
Karen Wristen, executive director of the Living Oceans Society said there’s a real lack of information when it comes to elevations on our coast.
“That’s what’s really missing on this coast.  We’ve got rough elevation data that was done back in the 1940s really and that’s all the Canadian government and the B.C. government has ever done.  We just don’t have the kind of fine-grained data that would be necessary to say property “a” is at risk but property “b” would be fine.”
Wristen said it is a good idea to find the status of your property and plan for sea level rise.
She said sea walls are not necessarily the answer and sometimes soft solutions, like adding logs, rocks and plants are enough to break the waves before they hit the shore.
A workshop will be held by the Society on Salt Spring Island Monday beginning at 6 at the Mahon Hall.