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Unique ways to make War Amps key tags work for you

War Amps key tags are being mailed to homes across B.C. this month.

James Jordan, public awareness officer for the War Amps, said the key tags can be used free of charge.

If an item, with the tag attached, is lost it can be dropped in the mail in Canada, or the finder can call the 1-800 number on the tag, and the organization will see that it gets returned to the rightful owner using courier services.

Thankful recipients, or anyone else, can donate to the organization at any time and the money goes to provide services to child amputees and their families, including financial assistance for artificial limbs and recreational devices, regional seminars and peer support.

Jordan said he knows, first hand, how good the work, the organization does, is.

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“I was actually born missing my left arm below the elbow. So I grew up in the child amputee program and I really know the good that it does for people in their lives. I am one of them.”

Replacement key fobs can cost 200 dollars or more these days so people are pretty grateful when they get their keys back for free.

Jordan says less than 10 per cent of the money donated to the War Amps is used for administration purposes, the rest is used to help amputees.

Jordan says the key tags have been used in some interesting ways.

“We have returned a few odd items including a wedding ring and a cell phone. Some people put the key tag inside the sleeve of their cell phone. But I know some people who also put it on their pets collars as well. So, if your pet ever gets lost you call the number on the key tag and you can get your pet back.”

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