The City of Duncan has launched a campaign called “No Wipes in the Pipes,” to educate people as to what contents can be flushed down your toilet.

Toilet paper is acceptable while baby, facial, and personal wipes aren’t.

People should also refrain from flushing diaper pads, nursing pads and paper towel down the bowl.

Flushing these items down the toilet can result in the pipes getting clogged, resulting in raw sewage overflows into homes, businesses and waterways.

Other items that aren’t acceptable flushing material are listed below.

Avoid flushing these items down the toilet:

Medications (return to a pharmacy)
Fats, Oils, Grease and leftover food
Band-aids and bandage wrappers
Cotton balls, swabs and pads
Dental floss and teeth whitening strips
Kitty litter
Mini and maxi pads
Tampons and applicators
Paint and other chemicals (return to Bings Creek Recycling)