North Cowichan residents may notice some foamy curbs, sidewalks, and traffic circles over the coming weeks.

The foamy residue is from Foamstream, an environmentally friendly system that uses foam and heat to kill weeds with no harmful active ingredients.

The product is designed to provide longer-lasting weed control quickly and easily, without any negative impacts on the environment, people, or pets.

The foam works by acting as a thermal blanket that holds heat on the weeds long enough to effectively kill them.

The foam is 100 per cent biodegradable and made from natural and renewable plant oils, like coconut, palm kernel and rapeseed and sugars that come from potato, maize, and wheat.

In addition to destroying existing weeds, the system also damages the roots and kills the seeds to prevent them from germinating, making it more difficult for weeds to re-establish themselves in treated areas.

This is the first year that North Cowichan is using the Foamstream system.