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Canada and the U.S. will continue to trade pork through swine fever outbreak; 50 kids rescued from international pedophile ring

Safe way to continue pig product trade agreed on between Canada and U.S.

African Swine Fever won’t stop the pig trade between Canada and the U.S. thanks to a new agreement. The chief veterinary officers of both countries said the safe trade of live swine and pig products will continue if there is an outbreak. The deadly and highly contagious disease has no cure but cannot be transferred to humans.

People who weigh themselves consistently keep the pounds off easier

A U.S. study said avoiding gaining pounds during the holidays is as easy as weighing yourself every day. Researchers from the University of Georgia studied 111 adults instructing half to maintain weight over the winter season and the rest were given no direction at all. The ones who weighed themselves daily saw the best results.

Interpol trying to identify children in 100 pictures after busting pedophile ring

Fifty children have been rescued from an international pedophile ring. Interpol has arrested nine people from Thailand, Australia and the U.S. More arrests are expected as police continue to investigate in 60 countries. Officers are trying to identify children in 100 images found on a “dark web” site involved with the case.

Clean energy industry is booming in Canada

The clean-energy sector is rapidly growing in Canada. According to The Canadian Press, Simon Fraser released a study reporting it is growing faster than the economy and providing as many jobs as better known industries. Jobs are pretty broad including hydroelectric-dam operators, bus drivers, and someone who installs high-efficiency furnaces.


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