The City of Duncan has released its annual report.

Michelle Staples cited the fall election, the rise in people suffering on the streets and the increased homelessness, the December windstorm, and the amalgamation vote.

As of December 31st, the City had an increase in the accumulated surplus of 2 million dollars for the year and the total now stands at almost 42 million.

Staples said much of that money is earmarked.

“The City has a long term plan for replacing infrastructure and it’s a good beginning when it comes to the amount of money it costs to do something like that but replacing infrastructure is very expensive. The City is in a good position for doing the best we can for what we know.”

There was progress on the residential water meter installation program with 91 per cent of the installations complete which will allow the City to construct a metered water billing rate to encourage conservation going forward.

Other plans for 2019 include the completion of the Cairnsmore Neighbourhood Plan, a review of options for housing development on City land and a review of initiatives to encourage the creation of lower-cost housing options.

Also on the list of things to accomplish in 2019 is the installation of a multi-use pathway from the Silver Bridge to the Ramada and a seismic upgrade design will be completed for Duncan’s iconic City hall.