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Do Yourself a Favour, Properly Clear Off Your Vehicle

With the ice and snow, road conditions are much more dangerous.

North Cowichan/Duncan RCMP Constable Pam Bolton has some tips for staying safe on the roads.

“Plan ahead, take your time on the road, drive slowly, and make sure you’re clearing off your car properly,” said Bolton.

She added, “That means snow off the roof, off the hood of the car, everywhere, because once you start moving that snow flies off into other people’s view and if you’re not fully cleared off, you can’t see all around you, making it a lot more dangerous to drive.”

If you are driving with snow obstructing your view, you can face a fine of up to $109 dollars.

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She said driving to the road conditions means more than just reducing your speed by ten kilometres an hour.

“Even though you might not be doing the speed limit, let’s say you’re on the highway and the speed limit’s 90 and you’re going 80, but the road conditions are so terrible that you probably shouldn’t be going 80 and you get into an accident, you can still be charged under the Motor Vehicle Act with Speed Relative to Conditions.”

You are also encouraged to be patient around the big trucks, that take longer to stop.

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