Parks throughout the Municipality of North Cowichan are reopening this week.

While dog parks, sports courts and fields, and the tennis and pickleball courts are already open, North Cowichan is opening parks, public washrooms, seasonal portables, skate parks, and playgrounds.

Mayor Al Siebring said physical distancing won’t be enforced on kids, but the health and safety of children is up to their parents.

“Particularly in the playgrounds, we’ve posted new signage, were not enforcing physical distancing on kids because that’s pretty much impossible,” said Siebring. “We’re leaving up to individual parents to determine whether they think the risk is worth it.”

“If the kids are going to go play on the playgrounds, when you get home, wash your hands and make sure you don’t touch your face,” said Siebring.

The municipality is implementing a Park Ambassador Pilot Program later this month, which will see recreation employees at the busiest parks.

They will engage in conversations with parents about the new rules and regulations.