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Youth Worry About Jobs But Hopeful for the Future

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A new poll finds that young Canadians believe they are feeling the greatest immediate effects of COVID-19 compared with other age groups.
However, young people are the most hopeful about the future. 
An Abacus Research poll for World Vision asked questions about a variety of issues, such as mental health, personal relationships, job security, and what people expect from the future.
Fifty-one percent of young Canadians worry that their job could disappear.
Thirty-one percent also feel their emotional and mental health has been affected more than others.
That result is the highest of any age group.
Sixty-six percent of young people worry about the pandemic’s effect on social cohesion.
However, 32-percent of young Canadians are more hopeful about the future than others, the highest of any age group.
Abacus Research conducted the survey among more than two-thousand Canadians between May 14 and May 19, 2020.
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