The provincial government says that up to one-hundred new units of social housing will be built in the Cowichan Valley.

BC Housing has purchased properties on White Road in Duncan and on Drinkwater Road in North Cowichan.

In conjunction with Duncan and North Cowichan, BC Housing plans to build 100 new, safe and secure homes.

The new facilities will also provide wrap-around services to help resolve the issues that are often the underlying causes of homelessness.

The people living there will receive on-site staff and support services, including meal programs, life and employment skills training, health and wellness support services and opportunities for volunteer work.

To speed up the projects, BC Housing says both will be “modular builds” to ensure quick construction.

Al Siebring, the mayor of North Cowichan says, “These units will help address homelessness both in North Cowichan and in the Cowichan Valley while giving our most vulnerable populations access to vital services.”

Michelle Staples, mayor of the City of Duncan says, “Service providers and health-care professionals have been asking for supportive housing with wraparound services, including treatment options and safe supply, for many years. These projects are yet another example of what becomes possible when we define a goal, commit to action and work together as local and provincial governments to meet the needs in our communities.”

The Drinkwater Road project will be operated by Lookout Housing and Health Society.

BC Housing says the White Road facility will have an operator chosen in the coming months.

Community Advisory Committees will be created in both municipalities to oversee integration of the supportive housing within the community.