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Lansdowne ‘Placeholder’ Exhibit opens at CVAC gallery Tuesday

Art lovers get ready, the Cowichan Valley Arts Council (CVAC) is hosting an opening for a new exhibit Tuesday.

The exhibit, called ‘Placeholder’, will feature the works of internationally renowned Tristram Lansdowne. Lansdowne was born in Victoria and has roots in the Cowichan Valley.

The exhibit features a collection across 15 years of series.  Lansdowne’s artist statement says it showcases an evolution.

“The earliest paintings in exhibit treat urban fragments documented on my wanderings as if they were archaeological specimens, focusing on layers and textures built up over time,” reads the statement. “Two other works are from a series of ‘fantasy island’ paintings that inserted sleek geometric forms into lush islands of plant life.”

If you couldn’t tell – Lansdowne studied art in a couple of post-secondary institutions. The first couple years of his undergrad were spent at the University of Victoria, painting seascapes and landscapes from around the area. Then he transferred to one of the country’s premier art academies, the Ontario College of Art & Design (OCAD) in downtown Toronto.

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CVAC managing director Elizabeth Croft says that showcasing artists with connections to the valley is a priority for them.

“We love to bring people in from out of town, but really our primary focus is to support artists here,” says Croft. “We just try and make sure there aren’t any barriers between artists and the community, and between the community and artists.”

Croft says it means a lot that he’s willing to come back and do a show in their gallery.

“His works are collected by the national gallery, the major banks, and he’s collections in the US and the UK,” says Croft. “So we’re pretty tickled that he’s willing to come back and do a show for us.”

Lansdowne will be on-hand for an artist’s talk at tomorrow’s opening, with a reception to happen at the gallery at 5:30 pm. Croft says if you can, you should try and make it to the talk.

“Coming to an art opening and meeting an artist, it can really blow your mind,” says Croft. “I think all of us have an inner artist. We don’t get to talk to them very often, but when you meet an artist who is full-time, accomplished, or really into it, you start to recognize a part of yourself that you didn’t know was there. That’s the secret of art.””

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While not mandatory, they would appreciate you RSVP to the event on their Eventbrite page. The event is free to attend.

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