The manager of Vancouver Island University’s Deep Bay Marine Field Station says he hopes a Senate report on aquaculture leads to some positive changes for the industry.

Deep Bay was one of the stops during the committee’s 18 months of background work. Manager Brian Kingzett says they were able to offer some insight into research and development in the industry.

The report, called “An Ocean of Opportunities: Aquaculture in Canada“, makes nine recommendations, including a call for a new federal Aquaculture Act.

Kingzett says that’s something the industry has wanted for a long time.

He says the report makes some good recommendations.

Kingzett says he’s also pleased to see a call for more aquaculture research.

Some conservation groups have been critical of the report, saying it could mean less protection for wild fish, by allowing too much self-regulation, and not encouraging more land-based, closed-containment fish farming.