Victoria Police and authorities in Washington State continue to search for 52 year old Harold Backer, and there’s a potential new wrinkle.

The Mill Bay man hasn’t been seen since November 3rd, and is believed to have taken the MV Coho to Port Angeles.

Reports out of Victoria say some of Backer’s mutual fund clients claim they lost a lot of money. They remain anonymous.

Investigators, meanwhile, are calling on people with information to take it to police.

Matt Rutherford speaks for Vic PD. “Investigators look at everything about a person’s life when he or she is reported missing. If anyone has any information we need to hear from them directly. What matters is that he comes home safely to his family. Harold’s family needs to know that he is safe,” he says.

Canadian Securities Administrators, an umbrella group for provincial regulators, says Backer’s license includes an agreement for regular supervision.  However, there are no CSA records indicating he’s ever faced professional discipline.

The company he represents has also sent out public statements saying they don’t have reason to suspect any wrongdoing but are investigating.

In the meantime, Friends and family have now added a Twitter account (@bringharoldback) to a Facebook group called “Finding Harold Backer”

If you see Harold, call 911. If you have any information call VicPD at (250) 995-7654.  They’ve posted pictures and other details here.