Island Health added the following clarification to its advisory on November 14th

“Island Health is advising not to use or draw water from that area of the lake for residential or commercial use including bathing/personal hygiene, drinking, and food preparation. The area to which the advisory applies is the south end (south of Butler Avenue on the west side of the lake and south of Verlon Road on the east side of the lake)”.

Island Health issued the following advisory late Friday afternoon (November 13):

“Island Health is advising residents not to use water taken out of the lake from the south end of Lake Shawnigan, south of Butler Avenue and Verlon Road, due to a suspected overflow of water from the South Island Aggregates site.

The Ministry of the Environment is investigating, and water tests will be conducted.

No licensed permitted drinking water systems draw water from this area. Private residents are always recommended to properly treat water from surface sources.

As further information becomes available, this advisory may be updated.”