The Cowichan Valley SPCA has taken in a dozen dogs from a breeding operation.
This after the seizure of 84 cats and dogs from a breeding and boarding facility in Surrey and 66 dogs from a Langley area puppy mill.
The province has launched expedited consultations with the SPCA, veterinarians and dog and cat breeders to come up with some sort of way to better protect animal welfare.
One of the proposals would allow the SPCA to inspect breeders facilities without a search warrant.
Sandi Trent with the Cowichan Valley SPCA says the current system is complaint driven…..
Other proposals are introducing a detailed code of care for breeders of dogs and cats and requiring breeders to register and purchase an annual license to operate.
Trent says the Canadian Kennel Club could also step up to help curb incidents of animal suffering….

Trent says anyone wanting to buy a dog should spend some time doing their homework.