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Youth struggle to find work on Island and Coast

A lot of young people are struggling to find jobs across Canada, especially on Vancouver Island and the Sunshine Coast. According to Labour force statistics from the province in March, British Columbia’s unemployment rate was at 5.5 percent, up 0.3 percent from February and 0.9 percent more than the number...

Premier, minister and health officer issue statement on toxic drug health emergency

Today marks the eighth anniversary of the toxic drug public-health emergency, and the province recognizes its tragic impact. That comes from Premier David Eby in a statement this morning, saying every life taken by the toxic drug crisis is a loss to our communities. “They are friends, parents, siblings and children....

Island ambulance stations now have more staff, longer hours, better coverage

Coastal communities around Vancouver Island have upgraded ambulance stations, to provide better coverage and staff working conditions. All 16 communities in the Island Health region have now switched from a scheduled on-call system to one of three new models, which all increase hours of coverage by paramedics. “In our many discussions...

Warming oceans are killing coastal kelp forests, new research shows

Warming ocean temperatures are killing BC’s coastal kelp forests, a new study shows. The research was published last week in Marine Ecology Progress. Scientists looked at 30 years of data, and found that in southern BC, warming temperatures have caused significant reductions in the amount of floating canopy kelp. The biggest...

Province scheduled to install earthquake warning sensors 

The province says they will be amping up earthquake protection this spring by installing sensors to detect the initial energy after it is released from a quake.  According to Emergency Management Oceanside, the Earthquake Early Warning (EEW) systems detect the initial energy once it is released, but also say if...

Section of Inland Island Highway currently shutdown

Inland Island Highway has been shut down northbound as of this afternoon. The shutdown happened after noon and is about 8 kilometers up from the Alberni Junction. Witnesses say a helicopter, fire trucks, police vehicles, and an ambulance are on the highway, with the incident clogging traffic. Vista Radio has reached out...
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