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Sparks fly in Scotland over plans to return stolen Nisga’a totem pole

Scotland's government and national museum have been fighting over who will pay to return a 168-year-old totem pole to the Nisga’a First Nation. Last December, after a delegation of Nisga’a elders and representatives visited the museum to explain the significance of the Ni'isjoohl Memorial Pole, Scotland agreed to return it...

“Forests are places of beauty:” Minister of Forests issues statement for National Forest Week

After the worst wildfire season in BC’s history, the Forests Minister says looking after the woods is more important than ever. In a statement for National Forest Week, Minister Bruce Ralston pays respects to the firefighters who lost their lives this summer fighting wildfires. He says with fires and drought...

Indigenous health pros from around the world share perspective on drug crisis

The First Nations Health Authority is working with Indigenous communities around the world to tackle the opioid crisis. Dr. Nel Wieman, acting chief medical officer for the health authority, recently met with representatives from Australia and Hawaii to discuss the drug crisis, and how it is affecting Indigenous communities. She...

‘Swarm’ of earthquakes near Vancouver Island this morning

Earthquakes Canada is monitoring what it is calling a swarm of earthquakes off Vancouver Island’s west coast. There were three quakes this morning, most recently at around 8:20, 185 kilometres west of Port Hardy. There were two other quakes, including one 5.5 magnitude quake at around 4:30 am and...

Discovery Islands salmon farm closures reduced wild salmon sea lice loads, study says

New research published this month suggests closing Discovery Islands salmon farms reduced sea lice levels in the region. However, BC salmon farmers say that conclusion is based on flimsy data, and not supported by other research. Activist and researcher Alexandra Morton and SFU researcher Rick Routledge co-authored the paper, published this...

BCEHS reminding drivers to stay aware, pull over for emergency vehicles

As more vehicles are back on the roads, BC EHS is reminding you to stay aware of your surroundings and know what to do when emergency vehicles are on the road. According to the emergency health service, motorists not getting out of the way of a vehicle responding to an...
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