Nanaimo RCMP are advising the public of a scam that is currently active in other provinces but police say there is no reason to think the scam could not surface in BC or in Nanaimo sometime soon.

A senior is contacted by phone and advised their assistance is required to catch a bank employee who has been stealing money, they are instructed to go to their bank, make a cash withdrawal and then meet an investigator in the parking lot where the cash is turned over.

In one case the senior was convinced to turn over money they had at home too because they were told the bank employee had been handing out counterfeit cash.

Another scam involves suspects pretending to be employees with either MasterCard, Visa or a bank, who tell their victim there has been an unauthorized purchase on the victim’s credit card or debit card, often through E-Bay.

The suspect asks the victim to confirm their credit card and other personal information in order for them to reverse the charge.

The suspects have been calling on various numbers; one of which was 909-585-1400.