Development Cost Charges in the City of Duncan will increase by almost double in some cases, starting June 1st.
The City of Duncan has updates their charges for residential and industrial developments. Director of Finance Talitha Soldera explains how the changes were calculated.
For example, a townhouse development using the bylaw would be charged a fee of $2375 per unit, plus an amount for parking space and an amount for the lot. Under the new cost, a townhouse unit development would see one single charge of $5412 per unit.
Soldera says even with the increase, the charges are comparable and in most cases lower than neighbouring communities. Soldera says there is also opportunity for discounted charges with the new DCC Reduction Bylaw.
The DCC Reduction Bylaw is an incentive to encourage density and sustainability in new developments.
Any developments that are already underway and have their proper documentation will not be subject to the new charges.