The Cowichan Valley Living Wage is $18.81 this year… an increase of more than a dollar from $17.55 in 2015.
Project Coordinator with Social Planning Cowichan, Kathleen Heggie says a living wage is the hourly pay a family would need to receive in order to cover basic expenses.
Heggie says the difference in living wage from last year to now shows that life is getting more expensive – but they also decided to include more expenses into the calculations this year.
She says the Cowichan Valley living wage is pretty average when compared to other communities in Canada.
To share information on your quality of life in the Cowichan Valley, Social Planning Cowichan is asking you to complete a happiness survey, a cowichan story survey and enter into their photo contest – all of which can be found on their website.
Social Planning Cowichan will use the information to put together snapshots that will highlight the current status in the community to reflect what’s happening around us and understand the quality of life offered in the Valley.
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